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Fixed Unlimited



  • Toll Free Tracking $10.00
  • Extension $40.00

Pay as you Go

Pay as You Go


  • Toll Free Tracking per/min
  • Extension 0.3/min

Custom Pricing



  • Toll Free Tracking Custom
  • Extension Custom


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does a hosted PBX costs?

    Hosted PBX services are more affordable than traditional PBXs. T The price varies depending on the service provider. Costs are frequently calculated per user, line, or seat. Setup, support, and optional features such as voicemail may incur additional charges.

  • Is there any installation fee with hosted or cloud-based PBX?

    Each voice service provider is different in terms of features. The best way to find out about installation or setup costs is to speak with a provider directly. Check whether a supplier offers an assisted install (in which you are given installation instructions) or an in-person set up at your workplace or business (in which a technician comes to you). If you'll be using phone hardware that requires connecting, this is a nice feature to have.

  • Is there any need for hardware to use hosted PBX?

    Many hosted PBX services allow for the use of hardware (an IP phone for example) or a softphone. But once it gets configured then users can make or receive phone calls using a keyboard, mouse, or cell touchpad.

  • What if I need to add more additional lines?

    A cloud-hosted PBX allows for the addition or removal of phone users as needed by the company. As company requirements change, via the use of an online management system.

  • What are the business benefits of hosted PBX?

    A hosted PBX offers businesses of all sizes in a way of flexible, reliable, and feature-rich business phone solutions. Whether a startup looking for a business phone service that can grow and adapt to changing needs or a well-maintained company.