How does PBX work?

My phone system is a highly scalable and multi-communication technology that works with multi-locational business. It reduces the call expenses and communication gap. It creates a single line telephone business line without implementing other hardwares.


Benefits of My Phone system PBX:-

  • Low cost
  • Better flexibility
  • Good productivity
  • Advanced features
  • 24/7 customer support

Some extra features:-

Call Recording:- Never miss any information related to customers during and after the call. It has an automated recording system.

Call Hunting:- Used to follow up with the team members in a single call.

Call Conferencing:- Get a fast, flexible, secure and high quality solution to connect any number of team members in the same voice call anytime, anywhere.


My phone system call center benefits:-

  • It delivers services with high quality features and is cost effective.
  • Create agility in the business.
  • High voice quality, call recording and call conferencing.
  • Generates good leads after data collection through call.
  • Collaborated the best technology services.

My Phone system PBX benefits: -

  • Manage your calls as per the scheduled plans.
  • Operate your call center that will support your sales team.
  • Customize the greeting calls.
  • Multiple office location connections.
  • Transfer your calls among the available users.

The PBX system:-


Cloud PBX

Let’s connect the system with all the department employees from any device anywhere and anytime!


Toll free services

Get calls from the customers without any charges from different countries.


VOIP phone

High- quality phone system for all business communication


Call- center services

Get fully automated and full featured embedded call center service.

Our more PBX options: -

  • Hosted PBX.
  • On-Premises PBX
  • PBX SIP Trunking