What is Call Tracking enterprise business?

Call Tracking software is helpful for the marketing team in getting the data from the telephonic conversation with the targeted customers. That will help in getting the meaningful execution of the marketing campaigns and the result of that telephonic conversation will be more authentic and data-centric.

So, before picking up the phone call, marketers will get to know a majority of the predictive information about the customers and for what reason the call will be by using Call Tracking Software.

Call Tracking, makes your business done!!!

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    Automatic call distributor and IVR: -

    My Phone system manages the automatic call routing through a data-driven process.

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    IVR responses

    It distributed calls according to the IVR responses and the availability of the agents according to the leads.

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    It filters out genuine leads.


Call Logic through the daily briefing Dashboard: -

Calculate call traffics and perform the analysis. One time briefing of the call tracking.


Automated Inbound call:-

It has a feature to automate the call with different audio messages according to the previous call analytics of the same number.


Conversion analytics:-

Data gathered after the call can be used to generate analytics about an individual customer.


Lead filtering:-

It filters out leads with more authentic information according to the data capturing and conversion analysis during the call process.


24/7 Support:-

Our team is available 24/7 to guide you in achieving the milestones of your business.


Market your call tracking: -

The ad promoted calls.

Suggests the most appropriate keywords as per the lead.